1. Presenting a Practical Way to Preprocess the Raw Data of Smart Meters and Calculate the Load Duration Curve

Hassan Majidi; Mahdi Emadaleslami; Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam

Volume 10, Issue 02 , Spring 2021, , Pages 45-50

  In recent years, due to developments in the electricity industry, the use of smart meters has increased worldwide. Smart meters allow the collection of large amounts of microdata on power consumption. The data collected by smart meters can be used in various cases. Since the load duration curve is of ...  Read More

2. A New Approach for Planning a Hybrid AC/DC Distribution Network Using Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm

Reza Khalilzadeh; Hassan Majidi; M.-R Haghifam

Volume 09, Issue 03 , Summer 2020, , Pages 89-96

  In this paper, the Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm (GWO) will be used for planning a hybrid AC/DC distribution network, and results from the economical and technical point of view will be compared to those of conventional methods, such as Genetic Algorithm (GA). In the proposed model, the objective ...  Read More