A Smart Noise-Coupling Technique for low power DT-Σ∆ Modulators

Habibeh Fakhraie; Tohid Moosazadeh; Reza Sabbaghi-nadooshan; Alireza Hassanzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 01 , March 2022, , Pages 35-40

  In this paper, a new method for extending and relaxing the noise-coupling (NC) technique is proposed to enhance the noise-shaping order without adding the number of integrators. The noise-shaping order of the introduced ∑∆ modulator whit applying a second-order noise-coupling technique is enhanced ...  Read More

New full adders using multi-layer perceptron network

Reza Sabbaghi; Leila Dehbozorgi; Reza Akbari-Hasanjani

Volume 08, Issue 03 , September 2019, , Pages 117-122

  How to reconfigure a logic gate for a variety of functions is an interesting topic. In this paper, a different method of designing logic gates are proposed. Initially, due to the training ability of the multilayer perceptron neural network, it was used to create a new type of logic and full adder gates. ...  Read More

New logic gates using neural network

Reza Sabbaghi; Reza Akbari-Hasanjani; Leila Dehbozorgi

Volume 08, Issue 02 , June 2019, , Pages 67-74

  The present study is to investigate and design the logic gates and half adder circuits by using multilayer neural network. The parallel function of the neural networks allows their application in designing high-speed circuits. DSP and FPGA can be used in implementation of these circuits, which reduces ...  Read More

Improvement of Coverage Algorithm in WSN in Terms of Sensor Numbers and Power Amount

Iman Khandani; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan; Fardad Farokhi

Volume 05, Issue 01 , February 2016, , Pages 49-52

  Wireless sensor networks(WSN) have unique properties that distinguished them from other wireless networks and have special challenges. Not-chargeable, not-changeable and limited power supplies of sensor nodes is the most important challenge of this networks, and if the power supply of node expired, a ...  Read More

Efficient Data Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms for Cloud Computing Application

Hamid Malmir; Fardad Farokhi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 03, Issue 01 , February 2014, , Pages 47-53

  With the rapid development of the internet, the amount of information and data which are produced, are extremely massive. Hence, client will be confused with huge amount of data, and it is difficult to understand which ones are useful. Data mining can overcome this problem. While data mining is using ...  Read More

Comparing AODV and ADV Routing Protocols in Urban Environment

Effat Jazayerifar; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadoshan; Shahram Javadi

Volume 03, Issue 01 , February 2014, , Pages 55-59

  In vehicular ad hoc networks there is the ability to communicate between vehicles. This Communication which is wireless should be rapid and reliable. These networks have unique characteristic. This communication among vehicles has many advantages in safety and comfort applications. Since, the roads are ...  Read More

Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Genetic Algorithm

Elham Yazdankhah; Fardad Farokhi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 02, Issue 3 , August 2013, , Pages 173-180

  Wireless sensor networks, due to the characteristics of sensors such as wireless communication channels, the lack of infrastructure and targeted threats, are very vulnerable to the various attacks. Routing attacks on the networks, where a malicious node from sending data to the base station is perceived. ...  Read More

The Forecasting of Iran Natural Gas Consumption Based On Neural-Fuzzy System Until 2020

Mahdieh Qanbari; Shahram Javadi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 02, Issue 3 , August 2013, , Pages 181-184

  In this paper, an Adaptive-Network-based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) is used for forecasting of natural gas consumption. It is clear that natural gas consumption prediction for future, surly can help Statesmen to decide more certain. There are many variables which effect on gas consumption but two ...  Read More

A Novel Comprehensive Taxonomy of Intelligent-Based Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Seyed Hassan Mosakazemi Mohammadi; Reza sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 02, Issue 2 , May 2013, , Pages 103-109

  Routing in ad-hoc networks, specifically intelligent-based ones, is a highly interested research topic in recent years. Most of them are simulation-based study. Large percentages have not even mentioned some of the fundamental parameters. This strictly reduces their validity and reliability. On the other ...  Read More

A Novel Method for VANET Improvement using Cloud Computing

Saied Raeeszadeh; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 02, Issue 1 , January 2013, , Pages 39-44

  In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for VANET using cloud computing. We accomplish processing, routing and traffic control in a centralized and parallel way by adding one or more server to the network. Each car or node is considered a Client, in such a manner that routing, traffic control, getting ...  Read More

New Ant Colony Algorithm Method based on Mutation for FPGA Placement Problem

Setareh Shafaghi; Fardad Farokhi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 02, Issue 1 , January 2013, , Pages 53-60

  Many real world problems can be modelled as an optimization problem. Evolutionary algorithms are used to solve these problems. Ant colony algorithm is a class of evolutionary algorithms that have been inspired of some specific ants looking for food in the nature. These ants leave trail pheromone on the ...  Read More

An Approach for Accurate Edging using Dynamic Membership Functions

Fatemeh Khosravi Pourian; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 01, Issue 03 , September 2012, , Pages 205-209

  In this paper, by means of fuzzy approaches, an accurate method is introduced for edging of color photographs. The difference between our method with other similar methods is the use of a morphological operation to think or thick the obtained edges. In this proposed method, a 3×3 window is dragged ...  Read More

Optimal Path Diagnosis by Genetic Algorithm for NoCs

Setareh Shafaghi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

Volume 01, Issue 02 , June 2012, , Pages 131-136

  Nowadays Network-on-Chips is used instead of System-on-Chips for better performance. This paper presents a new algorithm to find a shorter path, and shows that genetic algorithm is a potential technique for solving routing problem for mesh topology in on-chip-network.  Read More