1. Simulation of a PV Connected to an Electrical Energy Distribution Network with Internal Current Loop Control and Voltage Regulator

Seyed Mahdi Behinnezhad; Ghazanfar Shahgholian; Bahador Fani

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 15 October 2021

  In this paper, a control method based on internal current control loop and dc link voltage regulator for three-phase photovoltaic (PV) system connected to the distribution network is presented. Current control method, the dynamics of the PV system separate it from the dynamics of the grid and the loads ...  Read More

2. Power System Dynamic Stability Improvement Using PSS Equipped with Microcontroller

Azade Abedini; Ghazanfar Shahgholian; Bahador Fani

Volume 10, Issue 02 , Spring 2021, , Pages 67-76

  In assessing the power system, the most important issue is the system behavior when the system is affect‌ed by a disturbance In some plants in case a small event, oscillations are created that are not easily damped and this lack of damping causes the power plant shut down. So, conditions should be ...  Read More

3. Design of a New IPFC-Based Damping Neurocontrol for Enhancing Stability of a Power System Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Ghazanfar Shahgholian; Mehdi Mahdavian; Michael Noorani Kalteh; Mohammadreza Janghorbani

Volume 03, Issue 02 , Spring 2014, , Pages 73-78

  The interline power flow controller (IPFC) is a concept of the FACTS controller for series compensation which can inject a voltage with controllable magnitude and phase angle among multi lines. This paper proposes a novel IPFC-Based Damping Neuro-control scheme using PSO for damping oscil‌la‌t‌i‌o‌ns ...  Read More

4. Congestion Management in Power Systems Via Intelligent Method

S.A Hashemi Zadeh; A.A Gharaveisi; GH Shahgholian

Volume 02, Issue 1 , Winter 2013, , Pages 23-31

  In the deregulated power systems, transmission congestion is one of the significant and main problems of the electrical networks which can cause incremental cost in the energy. This problem has resulted to new challenging issues in different parts of power systems which there was not in the traditional ...  Read More

5. Optimal DG Placement for Power Loss Reduction and Improvement Voltage Profile Using Smart Methods

S.A Hashemi Zadeh; O Zeidabadi Nejad; S hasani; A.A Gharaveisi; GH Shahgholian

Volume 01, Issue 03 , Summer 2012, , Pages 141-147

  Distributed Generations (DGs) are utilized to supply the active and reactive power in the transmission and distribution systems. These types of power sources have many benefits such as power quality enhancement, voltage deviation reduction, power loss reduction, load shedding reduction, reliability improvement, ...  Read More