1. Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Solution Using Exchange Market Algorithm

Naser Ghorbani; Ebrahim Babaei

Volume 05, Issue 02 , June 2016, , Pages 83-92

  This paper proposes the exchange market algorithm (EMA) to solve the combined economic and emission dispatch (CEED) problems in thermal power plants. The EMA is a new, robust and efficient algorithm to exploit the global optimum point in optimization problems. Existence of two seeking operators in EMA ...  Read More

2. Per Unit Coding for Combined Economic Emission Load Dispatch using Smart Algorithms

Naser Ghorbani; Ebrahim Babaei; Sara Laali; Payam Farhadi

Volume 05, Issue 01 , February 2016, , Pages 11-21

  This paper proposes per unit coding for combined economic emission load dispatch problem. In the proposed coding, it is possible to apply the percent effects of elements in any number and with high accuracy in objective function. In the proposed per unit coding, each function is transformed into per ...  Read More

3. Particle Swarm Optimization with Smart Inertia Factor for Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch

Naser Ghorbani; Babak Adham; Payam Farhadi

Volume 04, Issue 04 , December 2015, , Pages 197-202

  In this paper particle swarm optimization with smart inertia factor (PSO-SIF) algorithm is proposed to solve combined heat and power economic dispatch (CHPED) problem. The CHPED problem is one of the most important problems in power systems and is a challenging non-convex and non-linear optimization ...  Read More