1. Power Quality Identification and Classification Using Wavelet Method in Smart Power Grids

Mohammad Reza Hatami

Volume 09, Issue 02 , June 2020, , Pages 53-57

  In this paper, different methods of wavelet coefficients have been used to detect power quality in smart power grids and have investigated the advantages and disadvantages of continuous and discrete wavelet transforms in detection and performance of different mother wavelets in detecting different types. ...  Read More

2. Smart Grid Unit Commitment with Considerations for Pumped Storage Units Using Hybrid GA-Heuristic Optimization Algorithm

Ava Alamatsaz; Mohammad Esmaeil Nazari

Volume 08, Issue 01 , March 2019, , Pages 1-7

  A host of technologies has been developed to achieve these aims of the smart grid. Some of these technologies include plug-in electric vehicle, demand response program, energy storage system and renewable distributed generation. However, the integration of the smart grid technologies in the power system ...  Read More

3. Dynamic Demand Management in an Airconditioner System by Frequency Control in Smart Grid Environment

Sevda Allahyari; Shahram Javadi

Volume 05, Issue 01 , February 2016, , Pages 5-9

  As there is a rapid growth both in the number of power consumers and also the limitations energy resources, it is clearly accepted that the old version of power grid must change into smart grid from head to toe. One of the most important advantages of smart grid which makes it much more exclusive rather ...  Read More

4. Designing Decision Maker in a Smart Home for Energy Consumption Optimization Using Fuzzy Modeling

Maryam Sadat Mahdaviyani; Mehrdad Javadi

Volume 01, Issue 02 , June 2012, , Pages 89-94

  existed electricity grids deliver produced power to the consumer passing through transmission and distribution grids. According to high losses of these grids in transmission level and inexistence of bilateral interaction for simultaneous information exchange, a concept of smart grids were made by capabilities ...  Read More

5. The Influence of Smart Grid on TOU Programs With Respect to Production Cost and Load Factor, A Case Study of Iran

Hassan Monsef; Pouyan Khajavi

Volume 01, Issue 01 , March 2012, , Pages 33-43

  Reaching an electricity system which is both economically efficient and environmentally friendly is motivating countries to design and execute different types of TOU demand response programs. But there are certain deficiencies which prevent these programs to effectively modify the load shape. Smart ...  Read More