Keywords = Distributed Generation (DG)
Number of Articles: 4
1. Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generation in Microgrid by Considering Load Modeling

Volume 08, Issue 02, Spring 2019, Pages 59-65

Ferinar Moaidi; Masoud Aliakbar Golkar

2. A Survey on the Impact of Distributed Energy Resources on Power Flow Components

Volume 07, Issue 04, Autumn 2018, Pages 163-168

Ferinar Moaidi; Masoud Aliakbar Golkar

3. An Overview on Microgrid Concept with Special Focus on Islanding Protection Issues

Volume 07, Issue 03, Summer 2018, Pages 109-117

Ferinar Moaidi; Masoud Aliakbar Golkar

4. Optimal DG Placement for Power Loss Reduction and Improvement Voltage Profile Using Smart Methods

Volume 01, Issue 03, Summer 2012, Pages 141-147

S.A Hashemi Zadeh; O Zeidabadi Nejad; S hasani; A.A Gharaveisi; GH Shahgholian