1. Detect and Implement Facial Modes in Image on FPGA using Multilayer Neural Network

Ali Abdolazimi; Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini; Farshid Keynia

Volume 10, Issue 03 , Summer 2021, , Pages 135-140

  Face is a unique characteristic of the human. Detecting the state of the human face, due to its difficulty on the one hand and its many useful features on the other hand, is one of the most important issues in the image processing. In this paper, a five-layer perceptron artificial neural network (MLP) ...  Read More

2. Prediction of Polymeric Insulator Leakage Current under Water Droplets Using Neural Network

Zahra Ghiasi; Faramarz Faghihi; A.A. Shayegani Akmal

Volume 09, Issue 04 , Autumn 2020, , Pages 143-148

  In this paper, the parameters of electric field and leakage current (LC) amplitude in polymeric insulator are calculated using finite element method (FEM) and predicted in the neural network. The variable angle and electrical conductivity of water droplets are changed.  Increased electric field ...  Read More

3. New logic gates using neural network

Reza Sabbaghi; Reza Akbari-Hasanjani; Leila Dehbozorgi

Volume 08, Issue 02 , Spring 2019, , Pages 67-74

  The present study is to investigate and design the logic gates and half adder circuits by using multilayer neural network. The parallel function of the neural networks allows their application in designing high-speed circuits. DSP and FPGA can be used in implementation of these circuits, which reduces ...  Read More

4. General Overview of Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods for Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems

Mostafa Jalalian Ebrahimi

Volume 04, Issue 03 , Summer 2015, , Pages 87-93

  Maximum power point tracking controller is essential to obtain the maximum power from a solar array in the photovoltaic systems as the PV power module varies with the temperature and solar irradiation. In this paper, several methods for the MPPT of the PV systems are discussed and it can to be used as ...  Read More