Number of Articles: 197
27. Optimal Scheduling of CHP-based Microgrid Under Real-Time Demand Response Program

Volume 07, Issue 04, Autumn 2018, Pages 138-144

Hamed Pashaei-Didani; Kazem Zare; Sayyad Nojavan

29. Extraction of Sensory part of Ulnar Nerve Signal Using Blind Source Separation Method

Volume 01, Issue 01, Winter 2012, Pages 9-15

Alireza Kashaninia; S Nooreddin Jafari

30. Designing Decision Maker in a Smart Home for Energy Consumption Optimization Using Fuzzy Modeling

Volume 01, Issue 02, Spring 2012, Pages 89-94

Maryam Sadat Mahdaviyani; Mehrdad Javadi

31. Congestion Management in Electricity Markets Using Demand Response Programs and Series FACTS Devices

Volume 01, Issue 03, Summer 2012, Pages 149-159

Mohammad Moradi; MahmoudReza Haghifam; Soudabe Soleymani

32. Hybrid Fuzzy-PID Application in Boilers to Obtain Optimum Efficiency

Volume 02, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 11-16

Shahram Javadi; Abdolreza Gohari

33. Image Stitching of the Computed Radiology images Using a Pixel-Based Approach

Volume 02, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 77-85

Mahan Sedehzadeh; Farokhi Fardad

34. A Novel Model for Bus Stop Location Appropriate for Public Transit Network Design: The Case of Central Business Districts (CBD) of Tehran

Volume 02, Issue 3, Summer 2013, Pages 133-141

Majid Jahani; S. Mehdi Hashemi; Mehdi Ghatee; Mohsen Jahanshahi

36. Novel Approach for Optimal Sizing of Stand-alone Hybrid Photovoltaic/Wind Systems

Volume 03, Issue 01, Winter 2014, Pages 7-15

Zakieh Tolooi; Hadi Zayandehroodi; Alimorad Khajehzadeh

37. Design of a New IPFC-Based Damping Neurocontrol for Enhancing Stability of a Power System Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Volume 03, Issue 02, Spring 2014, Pages 73-78

Ghazanfar Shahgholian; Mehdi Mahdavian; Michael Noorani Kalteh; Mohammadreza Janghorbani

38. An Advanced Hysteresis Controller to Improve Voltage Profile of Power System with PV Units: A Smart Grid Power Exchange Framework

Volume 03, Issue 03, Summer 2014, Pages 133-140

Armin Teymouri; S. Hamid Fathi; Faramarz Karbakhsh

39. A new method based on fuzzy system and gravitational optimal detector for capacitor placement, considering nonlinear loads

Volume 03, Issue 04, Autumn 2014, Pages 199-207

Hossein Dehghan Dehnavi; Yaghoub Azizi; Mohammad Shafiyi

41. A Novel Approach to Design the Dual Rotor Switched Reluctance Motor Based Electric Vehicles

Volume 04, Issue 02, Spring 2015, Pages 65-71

Majid Aryanezhad; Elahe Ostadaghaee

42. A New Restructured Shaded Pole Induction Motor- 3D Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Verification

Volume 04, Issue 03, Summer 2015, Pages 125-130

Sadegh Shamlou; Mojtaba Mirsalim

43. A New Iterative Neural Based Method to Spot Price Forecasting

Volume 04, Issue 04, Autumn 2015, Pages 191-196

Mehdi KHavaninzadeh; Mohamad KHavaninzadeh; Mohsen KHavaninzadeh; Farshid Keynia

46. Modeling and Improvement of Function of Solar Resources using Comparative Multipurpose Algorithm of PSO

Volume 05, Issue 03, Summer 2016, Pages 133-136

Shahin Bazeghi; Shahram Javadi; Arsalan Hekmati

47. Indirect Control of Single-Phase Active Power Filters using Harmonic Control Arrays

Volume 05, Issue 04, Autumn 2016, Pages 185-190

Mohammad-Sadegh Karbasforooshan; Mohammad Monfared; Murat Dogruel