Number of Articles: 197
101. New Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique Based on P&O Method

Volume 05, Issue 03, Summer 2016, Pages 145-151

Mostafa Alizadeh Soltani; Shahram Javadi; Seyed Zeinolabedin Moussavi

102. Incorporation of Demand Response Programs and Wind Turbines in Optimal Scheduling of Smart Distribution Networks: A Case Study

Volume 05, Issue 04, Autumn 2016, Pages 199-206

Mehrdad Ghahramani; Morteza Nazari Heris; Kazem zare; Behnam Mohammadi Ivatloo

103. A Hybrid Control Method for Stable Operation of Active Power Filters in Three-Phase Four-Wire Networks

Volume 06, Issue 01, Winter 2017, Pages 27-33

S. Sajjad Seyedalipour; Habib Allah Aalami; Amin Barzegar

104. Optimizing AGV Colonie’s Efficiency by Fuzzy Simulation

Volume 06, Issue 02, Spring 2017, Pages 61-65

Shabnam Ezadpanah; Alireza Mohammadion; Armen Adamian

105. Hourly Wind Speed Prediction using ARMA Model and Artificial Neural Networks

Volume 06, Issue 03, Summer 2017, Pages 101-107

Farzaneh Tatari; Majid Mazouchi

106. Voltage Imbalance Compensation for Droop-Controlled Inverters in Islanded Microgrid

Volume 06, Issue 04, Autumn 2017, Pages 153-161

Amin Ranjabaran; Mahmoud Ebadian; Mohammad Sadegh Ghazizadeh

107. Influence of Fault Current Limiter in Voltage Drop and TRV Considering Wind Farm

Volume 07, Issue 01, Winter 2018, Pages 22-28

Sajjad Dadfar; Mohammad Mahdi Marzban

108. Self-Adaptive Morphological Filter for Noise Reduction of Partial Discharge Signals

Volume 07, Issue 02, Spring 2018, Pages 69-75

Amir Abbas Soltani; Seyyed Mohammad Shahrtash

109. Performance Analysis of an Industrial Robot Under Uniform Temperature Change

Volume 08, Issue 01, Winter 2019, Pages 19-22

Alireza Mohammadion; Arash M.Lavasani; Hossein Pirzadeh

110. A Survey on the Impact of Distributed Energy Resources on Power Flow Components

Volume 07, Issue 04, Autumn 2018, Pages 163-168

Ferinar Moaidi; Masoud Aliakbar Golkar

113. Predicting the Next State of Traffic by Data Mining Classification Techniques

Volume 01, Issue 03, Summer 2012, Pages 181-193

S.Mehdi Hashemi; Mehrdad Almasi; Roozbeh Ebrazi; Mohsen Jahanshahi

114. Robust Model for Networked Control System with Packet Loss

Volume 02, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 33-37

Mohsen Jahanshahi; Sayyid Mohsen Houshyar; Amir Reza Zare Bidaki3

115. Optimization of the Microgrid Scheduling with Considering Contingencies in an Uncertainty Environment

Volume 02, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 95-101

Saber Talari; Mahmoud Reza Haghifam; Ali Akhavein

117. Efficient Parameters Selection for CNTFET Modelling Using Artificial Neural Networks

Volume 02, Issue 4, Autumn 2013, Pages 217-222

Roya Abdollahzadeh Badelbo; Fardad Farokhi; Alireza Kashaniniya

118. An Improved MPPT Method of Wind Turbine Based on HCS Method by Using Fuzzy Logic System

Volume 03, Issue 01, Winter 2014, Pages 29-35

Shahram Javadi; Mohammad Hossein Hazin

120. A Novel Market Optimization Model in order to Minimizing Environmental Cost Caused by Plants

Volume 03, Issue 03, Summer 2014, Pages 157-163

Mehdi Nourinezhad; Soodabeh Soleymani; Hosein Mohammadnezhad Shourkaei

121. A new topology for quasi-Z-source inverter

Volume 03, Issue 04, Autumn 2014, Pages 223-230

Negar Mirkazemian; Ebrahim Banaei

124. Transmission expansion planning based on merchandizing surplus of transmission lines

Volume 04, Issue 03, Summer 2015, Pages 151-159

Iman Ehsani; Alireza Soofiabadi