Number of Articles: 197
176. Improvement of Coverage Algorithm in WSN in Terms of Sensor Numbers and Power Amount

Volume 05, Issue 01, Winter 2016, Pages 49-52

Iman Khandani; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan; Fardad Farokhi

178. Power System Transient Stability Analysis Based on the Development and Evaluation Methods

Volume 05, Issue 03, Summer 2016, Pages 169-173

Mohsen Radan; Alireza Tavakoli Dinani

179. An Overview on Microgrid Concept with Special Focus on Islanding Protection Issues

Volume 07, Issue 03, Summer 2018, Pages 109-117

Ferinar Moaidi; Masoud Aliakbar Golkar

180. A Novel Qualitative State Observer

Volume 08, Issue 01, Winter 2019, Pages 39-44

Sobhi Baniardalani

181. Optimal Path Diagnosis by Genetic Algorithm for NoCs

Volume 01, Issue 02, Spring 2012, Pages 131-136

Setareh Shafaghi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

182. An Approach for Accurate Edging using Dynamic Membership Functions

Volume 01, Issue 03, Summer 2012, Pages 205-209

Fatemeh Khosravi Pourian; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

183. New Ant Colony Algorithm Method based on Mutation for FPGA Placement Problem

Volume 02, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 53-60

Setareh Shafaghi; Fardad Farokhi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

184. An Efficient Cluster Head Selection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fuzzy Inference Systems

Volume 02, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 121-125

Mohsen Jahanshahi; Shaban Rahmani; Shaghayegh Ghaderi

185. The Forecasting of Iran Natural Gas Consumption Based On Neural-Fuzzy System Until 2020

Volume 02, Issue 3, Summer 2013, Pages 181-184

Mahdieh Qanbari; Shahram Javadi; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadooshan

186. Design of Maximum Power Point Tracking in Solar Array Systems Using Fuzzy Controllers

Volume 02, Issue 4, Autumn 2013, Pages 237-244

Marjaneh Hashemi; Shahram Javadi

187. Comparing AODV and ADV Routing Protocols in Urban Environment

Volume 03, Issue 01, Winter 2014, Pages 55-59

Effat Jazayerifar; Reza Sabbaghi-Nadoshan; Shahram Javadi

189. Stochastic Congestion Alleviation with a Trade-off between Demand Response Resources and Load Shedding

Volume 03, Issue 03, Summer 2014, Pages 179-178

Abbas Tabandeh; Amir Abdollahi; Masoud Rashidinejad

190. Neuro-Fuzzy Based Algorithm for Online Dynamic Voltage Stability Status Prediction Using Wide-Area Phasor Measurements

Volume 03, Issue 04, Autumn 2014, Pages 247-254

Ahmad Ahmadi; Yousef Alinezhad Beromi

192. Substation Expansion Planning Based on BFOA

Volume 04, Issue 03, Summer 2015, Pages 177-184

H. Kiani Rad; Z. Moravej

193. A Novel Approach to Trace Time-Domain Trajectories of Power Systems in Multiple Time Scales Based Flatness

Volume 05, Issue 01, Winter 2016, Pages 53-58

Mohsen Radan; Alireza Tvakoli Dinani

194. Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generation in Microgrid by Considering Load Modeling

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 07 January 2019

Ferinar Moaidi; Masoud Aliakbar Golkar

195. Application of Big Data Analytics in Power Distribution Network

Volume 07, Issue 03, Summer 2018, Pages 119-125

Foroogh Sedighi; Mohammadreza Jabbarpour; Sheyda Seyedfarshi

196. Reactive Power Pricing Simultaneous Using Spot and Bilateral Market Models Considering Opportunity Cost

Volume 07, Issue 03, Summer 2018, Pages 127-136

sajjad dadfar; Javad Nikoukar; Seyed Meisam Ezzati; Mohammad Mahdi Marzban

197. Decentralized Routing and Power Allocation in FDMA Wireless Networks based on H∞ Fuzzy Control Strategy

Volume 03, Issue 02, Spring 2014, Pages 113-124

Salman Boromand; Mohammad A. Nekouie