Mix proportioning of high-performance concrete by applying the GA and PSO


1 Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad university hashtgerd branch, hasthtgerd, Alborz, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, center of ghadr, Imam hossein university, Tehran, Iran


High performance concrete is designed to meets special requirements such as high strength, high flowability, and high
durability in large scale concrete construction. To obtain such performance many trial mixes are required to find desired
combination of materials and there is no conventional way to achieve proper mix proportioning. Genetic algorithm is a global
optimization technique based on mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics and can be used to find a near optimal
solution to a problem that may have many solutions. Particle swarm optimization is another evolutionary searching strategy
motivated by social behaviors to obtain optimum answer. This paper presents a method whereby the mixture proportion of
concrete can be optimized to reduce the number of trial mixtures with desired properties by using the genetic algorithm and
particle swarm optimization techniques.


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