Electrical Engineering Department, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University,


Many real world problems can be modelled as an optimization problem. Evolutionary algorithms are used to solve these problems. Ant colony algorithm is a class of evolutionary algorithms that have been inspired of some specific ants looking for food in the nature. These ants leave trail pheromone on the ground to mark good ways that can be followed by other members of the group. Ant colony optimization uses a similar mechanism to solve the optimization problem. Usually the main difficulties of evolutionary algorithm for solving the optimization problem are: early convergence, loss of population diversity, and placing in a local minimum .Therefore, it needs the way that preserves the variation and tries to avoid trapping in local minimum. In this paper by combining ant colony algorithm and mutation hybrid algorithms that leads to the better solution for optimization of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) placement problem is made. They are different types of swarm intelligence algorithm. After designing the algorithm, its parameters tuning have been done by solving several problems, and then the proposed methods have been compared with the other approaches. The results show that in most problems, the proposed hybrid method is able to obtain better solutions and makes fewer errors.


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