Intelligence Method for PID Controller Design in AVR System


1 Department of electrical engineering, islamic azad university branch Rafsanjan ,Iran

2 Faculty Member, Research Department of High Temperature Fuel Cell, Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan, Iran


Designing of a PID controller is a very common method for industrial process control and due to its very simple and efficient function; it is used in a wide variety of industrial applications. PID controller to reduce the steady state error and dynamic response of the system is used. PID controller design is an inevitable problem in setting the coefficients need to try a lot of trial and error, therefore the optimization of parameters in this controller is attention of many researcher and there are many methods to find optimal parameters of PID controller. Fast and exactly adjustment of the parameters optimized controller is to create high quality answers. In this paper, an optimized tuning method for PID controller is presented. In this method the PSO algorithm is used to design the parameters of an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) system using various fitness functions. Easy implementation, stable convergence characteristic and high computational efficiency are among advantages of presented method.


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