Risk Analysis and Economic Load Dispatch Evaluation of Network with High Wind Power Penetration

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch

2 Birjand University

3 Islamic azad university of tehran center


This study based on investigation for integration wind power into conventional power system with its impact on fossil fuel generators and their generation management. Wind power as environmental friendly energy source can reduce the operational cost of the system due to considering no cost for energizing the generator in comparing with fossil fuel generators. However due to unpredictable nature of the wind power, it is quite difficult to determine how much wind power should be integrated to ensure both power system security and operational cost reduction. In this study by compering both economic and security requirements using GA and PSO for smart calculation in wind power generation into the conventional system, a proper economic load dispatch program has been applied. Three different approaches (pessimistic, Optimistic and Linear) has been studied and compered to evaluate the system security and reliability with economic benefits. Due to considering no fuel cost for wind power generators, it is more beneficial to produce electrical power by this type of power resource but with more reliability for the system. At the end by compering PSO and GA results and numerical analysis on IEEE-30 bus test system with six generator, exactitude and accuracy of the proposed approaches presented.