Feasibility Study of Using Renewable Energy Sources for a University Campus in Smart Grid Using Fuzzy Method

Document Type: Research Paper


azad university


In this paper, the electrical consumption of Hamedan University is derived of the bills, Then with defining of fuzzy Bus Thermal Coefficient objective function for heating, the amount of available heat selling to university consumer that is produced by Biomass CHP plant is calculated. With the capacity determination of Biomass CHP plant to provide Thermal and electrical energy of university and calculation of photovoltaic systems to supplling electrical energy, each technical calculation is presented . Then, Economic Calculation of each projects will be addressed separately. The Economic optimization in designing and operation of electrical systems is usually done through a review of investment criteria, that in this study, are include: Net present value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Return period (PP) that with regard to the economic evaluation methods, the economic evaluation of project is doing. The economic calculations shows that the use of biomass CHP plant is adequate but using of photovoltaic system is not adequate.