Decentralized Routing and Power Allocation in FDMA Wireless Networks based on H∞ Fuzzy Control Strategy

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Simultaneous routing and resource allocation has been considered in wireless networks for its performance improvement. In this paper we propose a cross-layer optimization framework for worst-case queue length minimization in some type of FDMA based wireless networks, in which the the data routing and the power allocation problem are jointly optimized with Fuzzy distributed H∞ control strategy . with the presented formulation based on the minimization of the queuing length in each node, the routing and resource allocation problem is formulated as a decentralized fuzzy H∞optimal control problem for a wireless mesh network. the presented control strategy determines the transmit power in FDMA systems in which each node has fixed set of powers to be allocated to its outgoing links. Using the proposed control strategy a robust routing performance will be achieved in the presence of unknown network delays in network modeling. also with using fuzzy decision rules in the proposed H∞ controller strategy, we try to improve the network performance criteria and avoid packet loss in the network.