Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Electrical Engineering,Faculty of Engineering, University of Tafresh,Tafresh ,Iran,


Single-phase squirrel cage and three-phase induction electromotors are the most popular electromotors used in industry from long ago. When an induction motor starts with direct connection method, it takes a lot of current from the power supply (several times the nominal current); so, several methods have been devised to start such electromotors. These methods either reduce the voltage of the stator or increase the value of rotor resistance. In this paper a new method is presented that reduces the value of the magnetic flux in stator core resulting in reduction of induction voltage in the rotor bars culminating in reduction of rotor and stator currents. This system reduces the electromotor loss and smartly protects itself against damages due to overload. Process functions are analyzed, the uses of the system are discussed and the operation of the electromotor is simulated in Matlab version (R2010b) and Maxwell 16.0.