Two New and Novel Cascaded Multilevel Inverters with Less Number of Components Utilizing Series Submultilevel Inverters

Document Type: Research Paper


Electrical & Computer Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.


In this paper, two new cascaded inverters are proposed, by using the series connection of new Submultilevel inverters. Each of the proposed Submultilevel inverters consists of three batteries and eight power switches. Four algorithms are presented to determine the voltages of these batteries for each of the proposed structures. In this study the comparison between the proposed structures with conventional structures has been done. At first, the proposed algorithms of new structures are compared with each other and after that comparisons between proposed structures based on selected algorithms and the traditional structures are performed. This comparison shows that the proposed inverters can produce high number of output voltage levels due to determined number of power electronic switches. Also blocked voltage of the proposed structures is smaller than other compared structures which leads to reduce size and weight of the proposed inverters. Other advantages of these structures are reduction of voltage sources number, DC sources variety, the conduction losses and the number of power diodes. In order to demonstrate the correct operation of the proposed structures and applied algorithms, simulation results by using PSCAD/EMTDC software are shown.