Frequency Control of Isolated Hybrid Power Network Using Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Baran Niroo Beshel Corporation, Savadkooh, Iran,

2 2 Baran Niroo Beshel Corporation, Savadkooh, Iran


This paper, presents a suitable control system to manage energy in distributed power generation system with a Battery Energy Storage Station and fuel cell. First, proper Dynamic Shape Modeling is prepared. Second, control system is proposed which is based on Classic Controller. This model is educated with Genetic Algorithm and particle swarm optimization. The proposed strategy is compared with Classic Controller. The robustness of suggested strategy in the front of nature of wind energy and Environmental conditions led to Parameter changes and load changes. It was investigated and simulated in MATLAB and the result was observed. As a result of simulation, control system has reflected a better behavior rather than load changes. The proposed methods are applied on various situations with actual climate data.