Document Type : Research Paper


1 student of Islamic Azad university central tehran branch

2 Biomedical Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch

3 Electrical Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch


Smart home is composed of several controllers with different plants in control. If each controller works independently, without considering the mutual effect of the others in the control process, the whole system could definitely not converge to an optimum desired status and may not ever reach the demanded condition. The function of different controller system may has conflict In some condition or emergency cases so the whole system could not converge to the steady state and receive to the demanded condition .According to the mentioned problem a new approach is presented in this paper using an integrated fuzzy controller in order to control light, temperature and emergency conditions in a realistic Matlab Simulink simulation. All environmental parameters that have effect on controlling different parts of smart home consider as an input parameter of system, such as Light, Heat and Smoke.
The obtained results represent the presented approach and fuzzy model to be able and easy to implement the controller for smart home applications.