A New Algorithm for Load Flow Analysis in Autonomous Networks


Department of Electrical Engineering, Ayatollah Broujerdi University,Broujerd, Lorstan, Iran


In this paper, a novel algorithm for the load flow analysis problem in an islanded microgrid is proposed. The problem is modeled without any slack bus by considering the steady state frequency as one of the load flow variables. To model different control modes of DGs, such as droop, PV and PQ, in an islanded microgrid, a new formula for load flow equations is proposed. A hybrid optimization algorithm, named (ICGA), is developed, based on imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA) and genetic algorithm (GA) thinking, to minimize the total active and reactive power mismatch in the islanded microgrid. The performance of the proposed algorithm is compared with the GA, Newton-trust and time domain methods. The results provide support for the validity of the paper algorithm.