A Combined Vector and Direct Power Control for AC/DC/AC Converters in DFIG Based Wind Turbine

Document Type: Research Paper


Electrical Engineer, 56517-65835Germi, Ardabil, Iran


The doubly-fed generators (DFIG) have clear superiority for the applications of large capacity and limited-range speed control case due to the partially rated inverter, lower cost and high reliability. These characteristics enable the doubly-fed wound rotor induction machine to have vast applications in wind-driven generation.In this paper Combined Vector and direct power control (CVDPC) strategy is applied to control a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) based wind energy generation system. AC/DC/AC converter is controlled by Combined Vector and direct power control method. The rotor side converter is controlled by selecting appropriates voltage vector based on the instantaneous errors between the reference and estimated values of active and reactive powers and rotor flux position. Also the Grid side is controlled by Combined Vector and direct power control based a grid voltage position to ensure a constant DC voltage, Simulation results demonstrate robust, precise, and fast dynamic behavior of the system.
Keywords: Doubly Fed Induction Generator, Vector Control, Direct Power Control, VCDPC.