Optimizing AGV Colonie’s Efficiency by Fuzzy Simulation

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering,Tehran Markaz University of Technology,Tehran, Iran

2 Mechanical Eng., Islamic Azad University

3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


This is an adoptive design of ant colony system and has been generalised to AGV transport system, predetermined targets replacement results has been evaluated simulating four AGV in Mat lab by Particle Algorithm and fuzzification and simulating the operative environment with regard to constant velocity and different results has been compared to each other by changing robots’ location and replacement of obstacles in the environment and using laser guidance system. Optimising considered sensor’s arrays led to more efficient and faster feedback. Regarding improvements mentioned, AGVs passing the obstacles with ease, choosing the shortest distance to the target and are flexible enough in case of one of the AGVs failure. 1- The AGV that has worked less than the others (from distance perspective), 2- the AGV which has been the closest to the failed AGV and 3- the AGV that has replaced fewer load. in fact, the system was able to operate more efficiently than when using an AGV.