Error Recovery by the Use of Sensory Feedback and Reference Measurements for Robotic Assembly

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Industrial robots need instrument or parts transport to do which requires coordinate to show the robot’s instrument, parts and body. When investigating the robot location, we are usually interested in measuring its location relative to a reference coordinate system. In this system it is attempted to make the assemble direction smaller by designing the sensor board and making use of an instrument for self-adaptation of the gripper to the gripper working environment pallet. In addition, in order to eliminate the robot errors and parts transport system errors to the robot, there are different models employed using different sensors. In this research, the LASER sensors are used based on their applicability and cost. In present article, the V-REP software is used in order to simulate the mechanism. Considering the simulation results it can be stated that the RCC is an optimal model. Based on explained models in different sections of the article, this model can eliminate many of the errors in assemble by an optimal structure and reliable restriction and considering the geometrical uncertainty; for example, nail and hole, unreliability of friction coefficient etc. in addition, this model helps the fragile plastic parts assemble.