Generating Discrete Trace Transition System of a Polyhe-dral Invariant Hybrid Automaton

Document Type: Research Paper


Energy Department, Kermanshah University of Technology, Iran


Supervisory control and fault diagnosis of hybrid systems need to have complete information about the discrete states transitions of the underling system. From this point of view, the hybrid system should be abstracted to a Discrete Trace Transition System (DTTS) and represented by a discrete mode transition graph. In this paper an effective method is proposed for generating discrete mode transition graph of a hybrid system. This method can be used for a general class of industrial hybrid plants which are defined by Polyhedral Invariant Hybrid Automata (PIHA). In these automata there are no resetting maps, while invariant sets are defined by linear inequalities. Therefore, based on the continuity property of the state trajectories in a PIHA, the problem is reduced to finding possible transitions between all two adjacent discrete modes. In the presented method, the possibility and the direction of such transitions are detected only by computing the angle between the vector field and the normal vector of the switching surfaces. Thus, unlike the most other reachability methods, there is no need to solve differential equations and to do mapping computations. In addition, the proposed method, with some modifications can be applied for extracting Stochastic or Timed Discrete Trace Transition Systems.