Performance Analysis of an Industrial Robot Under Uniform Temperature Change

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The effect of temperature change on dynamic performances of an industrial robot with six axes of freedom is studied in this paper. In general, the strain and stress are produced not only by the external exciting force, but also by temperature change. The strain energy that is caused by temperature
This paper describes how the temperature variation effects the dynamic performance of an industrial robot with six axes of freedom. For the purposeedesign and construction of multi axes data acquisition and logging system, which could be used to collect a number of parameters from several sources by means of different types of transducers. The design of the system concentrated on the use of both inductive position and platinum film temperature sensors. The series of tests for investigating the robot performance regarding positioning repeatability and accuracy and their associated results did reveal that the multi axes data acquisition system operated satisfactorily.This work has also demonstrated that thermal expansion plays a significant role in variation of repeatability during warm-up period of the Rediffusion robot.