Trajectory Tracking Weeled Mobile Robot Using Backstepping Method with Connection off Axle Trailer

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran,


The connection of the tractor to the inactive trailer or motor vehicle causes a motion control problem when turning in the screw, forward or backward movements and high speeds. This is due to the inactive trailer being controlled by the tracking using a physical link that is not affected by the movement. Trailers usually take tracks under these conditions. This phenomenon is called Jack Knife. The problem of motion control is challenging because it is a non-holonomic 4-degree complex system (for a multi-trailer system, n + 3 degrees freedom), and the kinematics of this system are difficult to calculate due to the non-linearity and coupling of the relationships. This is an unstable dynamic system and increases the input restrictions of the robot by adding the Jack Knife phenomenon, even if we move it in a direct direction. So in this paper we are trying to use a off axial connection method to create a new idea for easy control for trajectory tracking time varying of a trailer system, or even extending it to a multi-trailer system, by turning it into a wheel mobile robot system that is very easy to control and You can create trailer inputs by creating a link through an off-axle link, with a non-linear backstepping control method of verification