An Overview on Microgrid Concept with Special Focus on Islanding Protection Issues

Document Type: Research Paper


1 K. N. Toosi University of technology, Tehran, Iran.

2 K. N. Toosi University of Technology


Subscriber service is not feasible in the construction of large-scale traditional networks with the aim of providing more services. The high distance between production and consumption requires the definition of a transmission network as a challenging intermediary. The cost of transmission network and the risk associated with it cannot be ignored at all. The idea of a microgrid, which began with the local feeding of loads, can improve the reliability of the previous power system and, in addition, deliver the power to customers with more quality. Microgrids are the key to achieve low carbon networks by collecting distributed generation (DG) resources. Power management in the form of a microgrid causes other sensitivities. The need for storage systems besides the power intermittency of DGs, unintended islanding, and the protection of microgrids, especially in the island state, are the main issues discussed in this paper in a coherent format. This research work is a detailed reference for microgrids mainly in protection issues related to the islanded ones.