An Innovative System for Full-Management of CB Using Current Injection Method

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Automation and Instrumentation Expert, Automation and Instrumentation Department, HGS Ltd. Shiraz, Iran

2 Microelectronic Lab, Laval University, Quebec, Canada


In this article, an innovative supervision system will be proposed that can observe and analyze health of Circuit Breaker’s trip coil. The proposed design also logs changes in the coil's quality and informs network supervisor in case of Circuit Breaker (CB) failure. This system injects small direct currents to the Circuit Breaker connections and the trip coil to compute CB’s health and characteristics of trip coil. A large drift such as great change of resistance in coil, connections and switches characteristics can be determined as defection of Circuit Breaker. This supervision system analyzes trip coil health with a microcontroller, logs trip coil condition changes (closed or tripped), failures and CB defection in a multimedia card, shows condition of system via LEDs and LCD and sends needed information for network supervisor via SMS, Telephone line and also applies desired controls to the other appliances through three power relays. Besides, a number of these supervision systems can be networked via Ethernet to be observed and supervised with a web service program or webpage from a control room.