Design of Fuzzy Logic Based PI Controller for DFIG-based Wind Farm Aimed at Automatic Generation Control in an Interconnected Two Area Power System

Document Type: Research Paper


Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering,Shahid Beheshti University,Tehran, Iran


This paper addresses the design procedure of a fuzzy logic-based adaptive approach for DFIGs to enhance automatic generation control (AGC) capabilities and provide better dynamic responses in multi-area power systems. In doing so, a proportional-integral (PI) controller is employed in DFIG structure to control the governor speed of wind turbine. At the first stage, the adjustable parameters of the PI controller are optimized in an offline manner via the genetic algorithm (GA). In the second stage, the outlined fuzzy logic-based adaptive approach is intended for valid adjustment the gains values of PI controller through suitable membership functions in an online manner. To verify the high performance of the designed fuzzy PI controller, a hybrid interconnected two-area power system is considered, taking into account the physical limitations of generation rate constraint non-linearity and governor dead-band effect. Eventually, two scenarios including step and random load changes are selected to establish the success of the proposed fuzzy PI controller in damping of the area frequency and tie-line power oscillations. Simulation results are presented and compared with GA-based PI controller.