Smart Grid Unit Commitment with Considerations for Pumped Storage Units Using Hybrid GA-Heuristic Optimization Algorithm

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Electrical Engineering,Golpayegan University of Technology,Golpayegan, Iran

2 Department of Electrical Engineering, Golpaygan University of Technology


A host of technologies has been developed to achieve these aims of the smart grid. Some of these technologies include plug-in electric vehicle, demand response program, energy storage system and renewable distributed generation. However, the integration of the smart grid technologies in the power system operation studies such as economic emission unit commitment problem causes two major challenges. Pumped storage unit with the capability of storing energy can provide spinning reserve and consequently decrease total cost and environmental emission. The goal of this study is to develop and examine a hybrid GA-heuristic and deterministic optimization algorithm for solving the UC problem for a smart grid with considerations for pumped storage as an energy storage system. Simulation results show improvements in total cost and environmental emission by 1.27 and 4.09%, respectively.