Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Electrical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran


Due to the ever-growing load, especially peak load, the increase in the capacity of plants is inevitable for the response to this growth. Peak load causes increases in customer costs and vast investments in generating and transmission parts. Therefore, restructuring in the electrical industry, competition in the electrical market and Demand Response Programs (DRPs) are of special importance in power systems. In DRPs, customers in certain periods, such as peak or times when the price is high, decrease self-consumption. It means profit for costumers and prevention of expensive production in peak time for a genera-tion source. Moreover, to decrease the operation cost of network and ever-growing technology significantly, the power sys-tems operators have employed new sources of energy production as well as thermal units, and it has led to the emergence of Electric Vehicles (EVs) technology as a new source of energy production. This paper studies the simultaneous presence of DRPs and EVs to minimize the total operation cost of a network from one hand and from the other to improve the level of system reserve in Unit Commitment (UC) problem with considering the security constraint. Here, the proposed framework is structured as a Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) and solved using CPLEX solver.