Document Type : Research Paper


Imam Sadiq Conservatory, Department(office) of Education of Tabriz District 1


With the development of critical loads, power quality problem has become particularly important and poor power quality will be cause many adverse effects and the cost of many deaths will follow. To improve power quality and protection of sensitive loads against grid disturbances have been used new equipment based on power electronics similar FACTs devices, they are Custom Power. One of the most important Custom Power Device is DVR that it is used for compensation Swell and Sag voltage in the distribution network. The DVR injected voltage to compensate for the Swell and Sag voltage in distribution network. Compensation voltage accuracy depends on by its ability to design PWM, the controller and choice of filter parameters. For control of DVR can be used traditional controller, such as PI, PID and intelligent controller, such as fuzzy controller. In This paper, Fuzzy controller is used for controlling DVR in the Distribution Network.