Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Electrical Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran


The increasing development of the use of new energies has led to the widespread use of power electronics, so that electronic power converters play an important role in extracting power from renewable sources. Power electronics can convert raw energy produced from new energy into the desired power with controlled current, voltage and frequency to be used in the power grid. Restructuring of power systems has led to an increasing number of scattered products in these systems. Distributed generation units, depending on the specifications, operating conditions and installation location, can be the source of positive effects such as improving the reliability of distribution networks. In this paper, the effect of distributed generation on reliability in wind systems is modeled. With the presence of DG, the distances of power infrastructure equipment are reduced, and as a result, system losses are reduced and ultimately network safety is improved. Proper design of these systems from the point of view of proper selection of active and inactive elements and proper design of ventilation system will have a direct impact on the reliability of these systems. It is also important to study the methods that do not lose the total output power of the converter after an error occurs in electronic converters.