Document Type : Research Paper


Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University


Tumor detection and isolation in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a significant consideration, but when done manually by people, it is very time consuming and may not be accurate. Also, the appearance of the tumor tissue varies from patient to patient, and there are similarities between the tumor and the natural tissue of the brain. In this paper, we have tried to provide an automated method for diagnosing and displaying brain tumors in MRI images. Images of patients with glioblastoma were used after applying pre-processing and removing areas that have no useful information (such as eyes, scalp, etc.). We used a bounding box algorithm, to create a projection for to determining the initial range of the tumor in the next step, an artificial bee colony algorithm, to determine an initial point of the tumor area and then the Grow cut algorithm for, the exact boundary of the tumor area. Our method is automatic and extensively independent of the operator. comparison between results of 12 patients in our method with other similar methods indicate a high accuracy of the proposed method (about 98%) in comparison s.