Document Type : Research Paper


Automation and Instrumentation Expert, Automation and Instrumentation Department, HGS Ltd. Shiraz, Iran


In this paper, a new scheme for serial communication is proposed. In this method, in addition to the pulse states (high and low), either of negative slope or positive slope of the pulse (saw-tooth waveform) is employed as a representative for another digit. Using pulse slope as a representative for a separate digit will result in sending two-bit-digits using a single pulse, which doubles the transfer rate. The proposed scheme can be used in both synchronized and asynchronized communications and can improve communication speed. Through simulating the proposed scheme, it turned out that this method, because of its proper immunity to noise, can be used as a peripheral interface alongside in-chip communication. The main idea in the raised discussion is to obtain four different geometric pulse shapes acting as four different numbers in the quaternary numeric system, in which it can be serialized/desrialized as easy as pulse states. This proposed method and the suggested system for serialization and deserialization of data can be an adequate alternative in high-speed communication approaches.