Author = Haghifam, M.-R
Number of Articles: 10
2. Scheduling of Residential Multiclass Appliances in Smart Homes UsingV2H Capability of Electric Vehicle

Volume 05, Issue 03, Summer 2016, Pages 125-131

Zahra Sabouri; Mahmoodreza Haghifam

3. Multi-objective Dynamic Planning of Substations and Primary Feeders Considering Uncertainties and Reliability

Volume 05, Issue 02, Spring 2016, Pages 59-73

Masoumeh Karimi; Mahmoud Reza Haghifam

4. Effect of Distributed Energy Resources in Energy Hubs on Load and Loss Factors of Energy Distribution Networks

Volume 04, Issue 01, Winter 2015, Pages 37-43

Samaneh Pazouki; Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam

7. A New Real-Time Pricing Scheme Considering Smart Building Energy Management System

Volume 02, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 17-22

Mohammad-Hossein Shariatkhah; Mahmoud-Reza Haghifam; Mohammad-Kazem Sheikh-El-Eslami

8. Optimal Placement of Substations Based on Economic and Technical Risk Management

Volume 02, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 1-9

Amir Navakhah; MahmoudReza Haghifam; Soudabe Soleymani

9. Congestion Management in Electricity Markets Using Demand Response Programs and Series FACTS Devices

Volume 01, Issue 03, Summer 2012, Pages 149-159

Mohammad Moradi; MahmoudReza Haghifam; Soudabe Soleymani