Author = Ghorbani, Naser
Number of Articles: 3
1. Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Solution Using Exchange Market Algorithm

Volume 05, Issue 02, Spring 2016, Pages 83-92

Naser Ghorbani; Ebrahim Babaei

2. Per Unit Coding for Combined Economic Emission Load Dispatch using Smart Algorithms

Volume 05, Issue 01, Winter 2016, Pages 11-21

Naser Ghorbani; Ebrahim Babaei; Sara Laali; Payam Farhadi

3. Particle Swarm Optimization with Smart Inertia Factor for Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch

Volume 04, Issue 04, Autumn 2015, Pages 197-202

Naser Ghorbani; Babak Adham; Payam Farhadi