1. A new method based on fuzzy system and gravitational optimal detector for capacitor placement, considering nonlinear loads

Hossein Dehghan Dehnavi; Yaghoub Azizi; Mohammad Shafiyi

Volume 03, Issue 04 , Autumn 2014, Pages 199-207

  This paper describes an advantageous method for using the capacitor banks in the distribution network, optimally. The aim is to determine the count, location and capacitor values in order to minimize the annual cost resulting from energy losses and capacitor bank’s installation cost. Besides, in ...  Read More

2. A Comparison between SVC and STATCOM in Flicker Mitigation of Electric Arc Furnace using Practical Recorded Data

Haidar Samet; Mohammad Amin Jarrahi

Volume 03, Issue 04 , Autumn 2014, Pages 209-214

  Electric arc furnace (EAF) is one of the largest loads in electric power systems. It is highly time varying and nonlinear. Its reactive power variations cause voltage fluctuations in nearby system which is known as flicker. On the other hand the nonlinear voltage-current characteristic causes strong ...  Read More

3. A new topology for quasi-Z-source inverter

Negar Mirkazemian; Ebrahim Banaei

Volume 03, Issue 04 , Autumn 2014, Pages 223-230

  In this paper, a new circuit is proposed for step-up Z-source inverter based on QZSI (quasi-Z-source inverter). The proposed topology inherits all advantages of the conventional topology. The proposed topology in comparison with conventional topology reduces the ST (Shoot-through) duty cycle by over ...  Read More

4. Eccentricity Fault Diagnosis Studying for a Round Rotor Synchronous Machine

Peyman Naderi; Sahar .M. Sharouni

Volume 03, Issue 04 , Autumn 2014, Pages 231-238

  The paper presents a mathematical base modeling combined to Modified-Winding -Function-Approach (MWFA) for eccentricity fault detection of a round-rotor synchronous machine. For this aim, a 6-pole machine is considered, and the machine inductances are computed by MWFA in healthy and also under ...  Read More

5. Coordinated Design of PSS and SSSC Damping Controller Considering Time Delays using Biogeography-based Optimization Algorithm

Javad Gholinezhad; Mahmoud Ebaadian; Mohammad R. Aghaerrahimi

Volume 03, Issue 04 , Autumn 2014, Pages 239-246

  In this paper, a consistent pattern with the optimal coordinated design of PSS and SSSC controller to improve the damping of low frequency oscillations is shown. In this design, sensing and signal transmission time delays are considered as effectiveness parameters. The design problem has been considered ...  Read More

6. Neuro-Fuzzy Based Algorithm for Online Dynamic Voltage Stability Status Prediction Using Wide-Area Phasor Measurements

Ahmad Ahmadi; Yousef Alinezhad Beromi

Volume 03, Issue 04 , Autumn 2014, Pages 247-254

  In this paper, a novel neuro-fuzzy based method combined with a feature selection technique is proposed for online dynamic voltage stability status prediction of power system. This technique uses synchronized phasors measured by phasor measurement units (PMUs) in a wide-area measurement system. In order ...  Read More