Peer Review Process

 The manuscript submitted by the author will be reviewed by an international committee of reviewers to ensure that the manuscript presents a high quality research and original scientific work. The  review process are given below.

  • After receiving the manuscript the corresponding author is sent a confirmation email
  • The editorial board screens the manuscript and sends it to the referees for blind review (the referees are selected according to their expertise in the field).
  • All manuscripts are evaluated according to the reviewers’ guidelines. On the basis of their evaluation, the referees recommend the paper either for publication or for rejection or they can suggest some necessary changes if it is needed.
  • Finally the editorial board takes the final decision for publication of the article. If a paper is accepted for publication, the corresponding author is issued an acceptance letter.
  • Normally, the review process is completed within three months.

Open Access Policy

Journal of Linear and Topological Algebra provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Plagerism policy

The AMS asserts that the Society’s journal editorial boards and the publisher have a responsibility to be vigilant regarding plagiarism in the material that they publish. Once notified of possible plagiarism  in their publication, the journal editorial board and the publisher have a responsibility to investigate carefully such an allegation at any stage of the publication process. In the pre-publication  stage, a determination of plagiarism should result in rejection of the article. In the post-publication stage, a retraction or correction should be published in a subsequent issue of the journal.


Copyright policy

A Copyright Transfer Agreement is required before the publication of a paper in this journal.
The submission of a paper implies the author's assurance that it has not been copyrighted, published, or submitted for publication elsewhere.